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Dear partner,
Spring is coming, and we would love to invite you to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to participate in the onsite exhibition. Unfortunately, following the current situation, that does not seem possible. Therefore, we invite you to take part in the VIRTUAL exhibition in March 2021.

Exhibition name: Schools4You by EDUSTUDIO LP

Date: March 13, 2021 (18:00-20:30 ALMT) ~approximately 2:30 hours

Number of school participating: 15

Number of guests invited: 50 families and more from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan (Families with children age 12+)

These families are those:

● Whose children are planning to study abroad in 2021 and later, and would like to evaluate chances of being accepted to schools;

● Who would like to get information on how to choose a school, how to prepare, what prep-programs are available, how does the application process look like, etc.

How will it work:

1. We will promote the event around Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan (SMM), inviting potential families to register for the event.

All registered families will get landing page with short information about the schools ahead of the event. Every participant (student) will have a file with a photo and some facts about himself (age, personal interests, etc.). The schools can look at this information to learn more about a potential candidate.

1) We choose the web-call platform Remo, which will let you and the families communicate one-on-one online. This program creates spaces with multiple tables, and schools will have their own designated tables. Each table will host up to 6 people (school representative, translator (if needed), and family).


2) EduStudio (host) will also have its table to help incoming families and schools and monitor the event. Cameras of participants and schools will be automatically turned on to give a real-life experience. Every meeting should be around 20 min. A particular signal will remind participants to switch tables. They can move from one table to another with a simple double click. This virtual platform provides a lounge zone where we would want to invite students and alumni from the schools to talk about their experiences.

For more information about the platform please visit Remo website by this link:


3) Before this exhibition, we will host a webinar with participants to share short information about education abroad, types of schools, how to choose a school, and more, as well as about rules in participating in the online exhibition.


4) After the exhibition, all families interested in an additional meeting will be later registered for a private zoom meeting.

We believe it is a fantastic opportunity to apprise families and children who are determined to study abroad about private education during a global pandemic. We hope you find the event and its formant intriguing and would like to take part in it.

The participation fee - 750 USD

Please inform us about your decision before March 1, 2021.

With all respect,

EduStudio team.




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